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All Comments

How is fair for an openly Gay Military man to shower with straight GIs?
at the same time, will the military be forced to build gay showers and bathrooms now?
I was a Marine for 7 years. I never lived under the delusional thinking that any of the men in the shower were not gay. We depend on folks for their training and accountability under pressure and in some cases under fire. I could care less what he does in his personal life.
Is it gay to shower and sleep with my friends?
Hey, so I'm 16 and I have two really good friends, their both 15 (their twin brothers). We play football and have been for six years, usually after football games on friday's we come back to my house, and I have a huge walkin shower in my bedroom so we all shower together and they spend the night, do you guys think were gay? all three of us sleep in the same bed by the way.
You're only gay if you feel in love with and are attracted to other men.
Lots of football players shower together, if the shower is big enough, and plenty of men all around the world sleep in the same bed. It's probably nothing new for your friends, being brothers, and you're their friend, so they trust you.
Instead, celebrate having such great friends. Clearly, they think of you like another brother. That's a wonderful thing to have.
Do u think ur government betrayed you by sharing ur shower with gay men?
Men in uniform
How comfortable do u feel with sharing the showers with gay men?
I did not vote for the man most responsible (Obama), so I can't feel betrayed.
Will it make me gay to think about men in the shower?
My Dad says you should never think of other men in the shower cause it will turn you gay. Is that true?
OMG! Don't even talk about that! I had a friend who went gay from that once! Yes it is totally true!!
Should openly Gay men be allowed to shower with other openly Gay men in Military boot camp?
And if so, why can't openly Straight men be allowed to shower with other openly straight women during boot camp?

Why do Gays get to have all the fun when DADT is finally repealed??

Why do Gay men get to oogle men's privates...but straight men can't oogle women's privates...and vice versa?

agree or agree?
Great point lol!
Soldier! If you can be naked in front of a female doctor, why not in front of a gay soldier in the shower?
If you are a male soldier and don't mind being naked in front of a female doctor (for the sake of your own health) how come you are so afraid to be naked in a shower together with a gay soldier (for the sake of your country)? Do you value your country less than your health?
Well spoken.

I personally cannot believe they still even have that rule in the US Military. In Canada, there is no rule about homosexuals serving in the military because it is utterly ridiculous to treat them any differently than anyone else. We have the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as an amendment to our constitution, and no doubt would any ban on homosexuals in the military violate the Charter. My fiance has a gay man on his crew in the Air Force, and no one has a problem with it apart from the guys who are homophobic and immature. The American military's policy on homosexuals serving is clearly homophobic and dated.
Should a gay man be allowed at a baby shower?
My best friend is pregnant and will be having her baby shower soon. I'm gay and her best friend, but her family doesn't want me to come to the baby shower because "it's against tradition to have men there." What do you guys think?
I think you should be able to go! But no straight men.
How do you avoid getting an erection in a sauna/shower? (for gay men)?
I'm going to be in a sauna with a friend naked. He's straight and attractive. I'm gay (we both know this) but I'm scared I'm going to get an erection. How do I avoid getting one? Should I just tell him I couldn't help it if it happens? Should I mention it beforehand? It will be in Finland where he is from, so naked saunas are totally the norm, but not for my 21 year-old, hormone-raging body.
Just tell him you feel umcpmfortable being naked and ask if you can wear a towel, most Finns understand if you're a foregner. And if all else fails, you can always think of your great aunt topless in a thong.
Do u invite gay couples to a bridal shower?
My fiancé and I were discussing if we should invite a gay male couple to here bridal shower?
Their sexual preference really doesn't have anything to do with it. A bridal shower is typically for the bride and her female friends. Unless your party is co-ed, two men would generally not be invited.
Can gay men go to a lesbian couples bridal shower?
basically, i am organizing my best friend and her fiancees bridal shower.. the thing is, our circle of friends has a LOT of gay males.. i know they'll fit right in with the girls, lol.. i just wanted to know if this is okay? it will be a very small bridal shower if we only invite our closest female friends!
I'm gay and you couln't pay me to go to a bridal shower. :/

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